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ISFJ Personality
Freshman @ Auburn
Chemistry Major
Super Nerd / Bookworm
Loves me some Jesus
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  • The good thing about being a chemistry major and liking chemistry is…..I’m pretty good at winging it. That might be bad

    I have 0 motivation to continue studying chemistry even though the test is tomorrow. Ugh


    I hate complaining.
    I love it when I’m doing it, but after the words leave my mouth, I feel terrible and annoying.
    It’s not wrong to vent. At all. But I usually do so on here.
    But I think the only reason I do it on here is because it gives me a platform to come along side people who are doing life the same way that I am.
    I’ve been blessed to meet people on here who amaze me in every single way. I could look at them and think they never struggle.
    But coming to know them and talk with them and sharing my own struggle, it’s comforting, yet surprising to hear a “Hey, me too.” come from their end.
    It’s nice to know that we’re all messes and God is there to love us all through that mess.

    There’s a threat of a shooting on my campus tomorrow. Prayers are welcomed!!!!!

    War Eagle! 

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