Because the Oxytocin

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    The amount of growth that has happened in me since last year…just wow. The most important thing I learned was how to love people. Even when they do me wrong, I can’t stand them, and I’d rather give up on the relationship. And I learned that the HARD way. That one took a lot of pain, humility, patience, and maturity. But I’m glad I learned. The struggle was worth it.

    Starting to get that hopeless & “idk what the point is” feeling again. 

    James 5:16

    My mom has the TV off, glasses on, highlighters handy, and Bible open. Baby steps. 


    At times I just feel as if I don’t want to help anyone. 
    I feel as if I’m always the one reaching out or lending my arm.
    no reciprocation at times.
    but it’s programmed in my soul, compassion.

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